OEC Refreshers



Patrollers sign into NSP click on the Member resources on the top bar, in the drop down go to Course Schedule.

Type in inter (for intermountain) in the Division Name Contains field. Do not enter any other information, Click Find.

The system will populate a list of courses which are available in our division. Find the course you would like to register for, click on your desired course, click on register myself, click on proceed to check out in the lower right corner, Click on summit order in the lower right corner, you may need to scroll down to see the button. 


If all has gone right you should be on the Order confirmation page. Notice, when you scroll down on the lower right you will see ( conformation being sent to) you should see your email address. You should also see (send another copy to) and a blank box, please inter the IORs email address, of the course you are taking. This will send a confirmation to the IOR, so they know you have registered.