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8:30am - Ramada-Elko at Stockmen's Casino
6:30pm - Ramada-Elko at Stockmen's Casino
8:30 am - Ramada-Elko at Stockmen's Casino

With the end of the fiscal year, Patrol Directors are reminded that Financial Report are Due. 

All Volunteer patrols in the Intermountain Division that have not created a separate non-profit fall under the umbrella of the Intermountain Division's IRC Section 501(c)3 charitable status are required to submit these reports.  As a charitable organization, we are required to file a Form 990 tax return each year.  Accordingly, each volunteer patrol needs to submit it's operating financials for the fiscal year that just ended on June 30th.  All the other patrols are requested to do so for sponsor and fundraising impact purposes. 

Please print, fill out, scan and email this Patrol Financial Report form (cross out the old dates) to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  A new fillable form will replace this form, but it will not be available for another month.